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Proactive Alliance

The Proactive Alliance brings together representatives seeing themselves as global players from the different sectors, including – for the time being –  automotive, areospace, chemicals, electrical and electronic, furniture, home textiles, mechanical, medical devices, metalworking and metal articles, textiles and sporting goods. See all Proactive Alliance members here

The research group sofia, Darmstadt, moderates the Proactive Alliance.

Outcome of the Proactive Alliance will be a policy document with recommendations from several industries for a global standard to report on Substances in Articles along the supply chains. The PA intends to propose criteria and technical details for such a standard, in particular in terms of data generation and collection (i.e. data quality, reliability, comprehensiveness and exchange formats as well as basic rules governing data protection and security) and in terms of the development and maintenance of Restricted Substance Lists. In contrast, the recommendations will not address disclosure of data to third parties.

After the initial meeting at the Chemical Watch Global Business Summit in April 2018 in Amsterdam, sofia organised a series of technical meetings.

  • Minutes of the first meeting in May 2018

The Proactive Alliance developed its Mission Statement (charter) outlining the general motivation behind the group and its objectives as well as the commonly agreed Terms of Reference (ToR).

In parallel, working groups are adressing specific technical aspects subject to the policy recommendation to be developed, regarding, e.g., the level of detail in reporting as well as common criteria for Substance Reporting Lists (e.g. RSL or DSL).

One year after its inception, the group was invited to speak at the Chemical Watch Global Business Summit,  26-27 March 2019 in Brussels. It was represented by Prof. Dr. Martin Führ (sofia) and Stéphane Content (Cefic) who presented the Proactive Alliance and its ambitions as well as highly topical insights into the working progress.


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